Take a look at our gallery below of Resinstone Surfaces and see for yourself what a transformation it could make to any project.

External Resin Bound benefits:

  • Durable and super hard wearing
  • A smooth level surface without any loose stones and particles
  • Good for the environment, Permeable, Naturally drains water, No Puddles
  • Fully SUD Compliant
  • Weed Resistant, low maintenance, Anti -Slip Finish, Excellent traction for cars & pedestrians
  • More Eco-friendly that Concrete
  • Will not fade or discolour.
  • A full range and variety of colours & styles ie Multiple colours can be used to create borders, curves, patterns or Numbers/Letters and Shapes.
  • Extremely attractive & visually pleasing finish.

Internal Quartz stone carpet

  • Best suited for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, conservatory/sunrooms, Kitchens, Showrooms, shops, offices, swimming pool areas.
  • This system of coloured quartz stone and our odourless internal resins is then installed over virtually any existing sub-base, to form a high quality, seamless and stunning surface.
  • An Alternative to carpet or floor tiles
  • Durable and super hard wearing
  • Seamless, Smooth Finish
  • Will not discolour or fade
  • Large variety of styles & colours

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Exterior Photos
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Exterior Photos
Interior Photos